New BrightDrive Monitoring Suite Provides Comprehensive
Systems Monitoring Across Post-Production InfrastructureMonitoring Suite

Reno, USA, August 16, 2011: Bright Technologies, Inc., developer of advanced technology for shared media applications, has released a graphical user interface for Monitoring for its range of BrightDrive G2 and G2 Pro media file servers. The new GUI, together with Bright’s recently released Admin GUI, provide easy and fast interaction with BrightDrive’s comprehensive system management features and with all other essential components across digital film and post-production workflow infrastructures.

The new GUIs allow active monitoring of essential BrightDrive server functions as well as monitoring the activity of external systems across the workflow, including second by second status updates of the metadata raid set, the server and memory load, network utilization and file system activity status. Multiple status reports can be generated as required and sent via email to appropriate destinations, giving operators continuous information regarding system use whether they are working on or off site.

“Our new Monitoring GUI and Admin GUI allow users to interact with their post-production workflows at a level that goes to the heart of their BrightDrive servers and beyond to the component systems of their digital infrastructures,” said Ed Rodriguez, President and Chief Architect, Bright Technologies, Inc. “They provide access to the vital elements of their operations, thereby offering much potential to improve output and cost efficiencies. What’s more, the GUIs are very easy to use, making them suitable for technical and non-specialist operators.”

BrightDrive’s new monitoring capabilities can be customized easily to address individual requirements, for example, all information generated can be presented as easy to assimilate graphs showing current and historical data. In this way, operators can recognize trends in system usage and therefore predict optimum requirements for future workflow planning. Operators can set up the Monitoring Suite to notify them of any inconsistencies in system usage, thereby avoiding potential problems before they can impact on workflow efficiency.

Bright’s newly released Admin GUI simplifies the on-site administration of BrightDrive media file servers, attached systems and infrastructure components, making tasks such as file system management, system reboot/shutdown and network configuring easy to undertake. Integrity is assured by multiple layered protection features. Users are informed via secure https access of all systems and infrastructure activities, and are able to easily edit configuration files graphically and create support bundles.

The new BrightDrive Monitoring GUI is available for the G2 and G2 Pro media file servers immediately. The Admin GUI now ships as standard as part of the basic configuration of all new BrightDrive G2, BrightDrive G2 Pro, and BrightDrive Astella systems. Existing customers, including BrightDrive G1 users, with support contracts will be upgraded.

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