Bright’s New BrightRaid Avior Simplifies Storage with High-Speed, Cost-Effective Solution

Bright’s New BrightRaid Avior Simplifies Storage with High-Speed, Cost-Effective SolutionBrightRAID Avior

Reno, NV, July 15, 2013, Bright Technologies, Inc., developer of advanced technologies for low-latency high-performance IT environments, has announced the launch of BrightRaid Avior, a high-speed and cost-effective cross-platform fibre  storage solution with comprehensive web based RAID monitoring and management tools. Avior is easily integrated into existing workflows as direct-attached or shared storage with features and tools that simplify administration and accelerate everyday tasks.

Avior, a storage-only 4U solution, connects up to 8x16Gbit FC with capacity from 24TB to 108TB.  Its user-friendly storage management and monitoring interface makes both integration and maintenance fast and easy and significantly simplifies daily routines in a storage environment.

Building on Bright’s recent additions to the popular BrightDrive range of ‘all-in-one’ servers, Avior broadens the Company’s appeal to an even wider market.  Like the new Astella models - Astella Dx and Nx - Avior accommodates post and broadcast facilities as well as any media-dependent operation that requires low-latency, high-performance SAN or NAS-based workflows.

“Avior enhances our turnkey offering by giving our customers a high-performance storage appliance that provides the outstanding quality Bright servers and software solutions are known for,” said Shawn Clark, Bright Technologies’ director of sales. “Avior, a simple, yet powerful and versatile RAID array for both SAN and NAS-based workflows, has been qualified and certified by our own experts to deliver up to 4 x 2K material specifically for media streaming.  

"Avior is a very cost effective way to simplify the storage environment while still providing reliable, high-speed performance that supports up to 4 x 2K or 2 x 4K concurrent streams," added Roger L. Beck, CTO at Bright Technologies. "Avior’s many and varied features ease installation, manage daily operations, and reduce maintenance over time."

BrightRaid Avior is available immediately directly from Bright Technologies or its worldwide network of resellers with prices from $23,000 USD.

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