Bright Technologies introduces the Strawberry All-In-One Appliance!

Strawberry is an award-winning Production Asset Management
(PAM) software combining state of the art project sharing and
project management for a wide range of creative application
platforms including Avid, Adobe and Final Cut. Strawberry’s
philosophy is that editors should maximize creative time, and 
streamline searching for, and managing content. It’s a simple
tool to let creatives create, share, and organize projects and
assets with an innovative collaborative approach. Strawberry
is asset management that the editors will actually use!


High Performance SAN or NAS with the
award-winning Strawberry!

The new Strawberry All-In-One appliance helps
you create the workflow that’s most efficient
for your facility by providing you with tools to
standardize and maintain projects across the
entire production cycle.

- Includes software, storage, and client connectivity.
- High-speed Strawberry database implementation
- Capacity from 12TB up to 200+TB
- Embedded Ethernet or FC makes integration fast & easy.

Supports Linux, Mac and Windows clients!

Save money by accelerating your editors workflow!
Save time by reducing complexity & human error!
Save space with a smaller footprint!

The Strawberry All-In-One appliance is a powerful, high
capacity storage system increasing overall production
efficiency with fast, secure, project sharing across various
applications and platforms!

Strawberry also available in single 1U dedicated server, or as software only!

Please contact sales@4bright or call +1 775-823-9002

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